Disprofarma (PLC) was founded in 1978 with the aim of providing integral logistics in the commercialization of pharmaceutical products in all the country. Today it is the biggest medicine distributor of Argentina and leader in its area.

Located in Buenos Aires, capital of Argentina, it annually distributes more than 170 million units of medicines in all the country, in a territory of 3,761,274 square kilometers, with a population of 40 million inhabitants.

From the Argentinian pharmaceutical market which annually has a turn over of more than 500 million units, Disprofarma distributes to an important amount of laboratories which sale represents 40% in values. Disprofarma provides storage, sales, invoicing, distribution and payment for the pharmaceutical industry allowing the laboratories to focus on the main of their business.

Operating by mandate of its consigner laboratories, Disprofarma comercializes their products also offering advice and information for the decision making.

Customers make - 30.000 orders/month 4.500 items - through Internet (Club-D). This is done through bar code technology and automatic systems preparation. This technology and volumes of operation allow Disprofarma to provide a reasonable price for an efficient service under a strict fulfilment of regulations of internacional quality.

There are ten commercial offices which are spread throughout the country, and the principal customers and laboratories which trust their products to Disprofarma, are connected on-line to the central computer through the Dispronet (Internet) system, having access to accountants, logistics, and sales that each of them require.

Technologically Disprofarma has always been the pioneer in Intranet, having set up Dispronet and Club-D applications for laboratories and drugstores respectively.